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The links provided below connect to on-line resources relevant to the issues raised in this web site.

Electric Utility Industry Links

Con Edison

New York State Public Service Commission

Northeast Power Coordinating Council

North American Electric Reliability Council

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

EPRI home page and energy search

Edison Electric Institute

New York City Historical Web Sites


100 Years of New York City

The Life of a City: Early Films of New York, 1898-1906

History of the Hard Hat Riots

Columbia Univerisity Library links for NYC history

History and Facts of New York

History of NYC Subway

History of NYC Council

Museum of the City of New York

New York Public Library Digital Collections

Society and Technology in the Making (STIM)

Main STIM site



Making PCR

The Big Dig

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (STIM sponsor)



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