Life Magazine, Vol. 59 No. 2 (19 November 1965).


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The POWER CAPSULE...revolutionary space age successor to the old-fashioned compressor...new power for more space, new features ... now in the new Frigidaire Frost-Proof refrigerators.

Refrigerators have been getting bigger. Better, too. More space. Exciting new features. They're all big improvements, but they all put big new demands on the power system--demands the new Frigidaire Power Capsule can meet without even breathing hard.

Compact! Powerful! Packs more power per cubic inch--as much as 78% more than past Frigidaire units.

No pistons, no gaskets, no connecting rods--only 3 moving parts, sealed in steel, oiled for life, cushioned to reduce vibration. Whisper silent.

Made with incredibly wear-resistant materials--the divider block, one of 3 moving parts, is made of a satellite-type material which has a resistance to wear 4 times greater than highest grade steel.

5-Year Warranty includes amazing new Power Capsule--evidence of its new space age reliability. And you don't pay your Frigidaire dealer a penny more for this long, strong protection.

See the 1966 Frigidaire Custom Imperial Nineteen Refrigerator--Space Age inside and out.

New Electric Door Opener--Now even with both hands full, you can open the refrigerator door. The Electric Door Opener responds to the lightest touch automatically.

Beautiful new Wing-Swept Exterior--a whole new structural design. A soaring beauty no other refrigerator has. Stripped of non-essentials. Not even a handle to break the grace of its Wing-Swept doors. So functional the whole edge of each door acts as a handle, if you wish. Built-in beauty without built-in expense.

Exclusive new Space-Crafted Interior

Space Booster--new interior design for expansive living. See the huge new Space Booster at bottom right. Takes a fat watermelon, or a 25-lb. turkey with no shelves to adjust, no crowding.

Solid Visi-Shelves--note how they provide a smooth, transparent surface to replace old-style wire racks. Incredibly strong and break-resistant.

Vapor Zone--for foods hard to keep fresh--eggs, certain fruits and vegetables. Wraps them in moist air to keep them at peak flavor. Strong, clear, Visi-Door acts as handy shelf when open. Lets you see provisions at a glance when shut.

Compact Automatic Ice Maker--fills, freezes, releases and stores cubes automatically. Handy door server holds 270 cubes right where they're easiest to reach. Marvelously convenient! You'll never mess with ice trays again. Can be easily connected to water supply.

Drop in at your Frigidaire dealer and see the 1966 Frigidaire Custom Imperial Nineteen. Ask about the advanced Frost- Proof System. You'll never see the merest mist of frost anywhere! See the rich, warm wood grain finish on the doors. All the beauty of natural wood, but since it's vinyl on steel it is practically impervious to burns, scratches, any marring.

5-Year Frigidaire Warranty backed by General Motors Corporation. All the resources of Frigidaire and General Motors are behind the new Space Age Refrigerators. The 5-year Warranty is evidence of their dependability, precision, and quality. A one-year warranty on the entire refrigerator for repair of any defect, plus a four year warranty for repair of any defect in the refrigerating system. And you get all this long, strong protection at no extra charge whatsoever.


LIFE, Vol. 59 No. 2 (November 19, 1965)
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