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Genevie, Louis et. al. April 1987. "Predictors of Looting in Selected Neighborhoods of New York City During the Blackout of 1977." Sociology and Social Research 71, #3: 228-231.


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sued vigorously if looting and other criminal activity are to be minimized.


This research was funded in part by NIMH, Grant No. 1R01, MH 31722-01, by the Applied Services Branch, the Division of Mental Health Service Programs and the Division of Special Mental Health Programs. Correspondence should be sent to the senior author at the Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University School of Public Health, Box 47, 722 West 168th Street, New York, N.Y. 10032.


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Manuscript was received March 12, 1986 and reviewed November 20, 1986.

Table I appears on p. 231.

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